Our Company

Trust Freight International Ltd. is a private sector Egyptian company, 100% owned by Trust Group Eg. It has been well known as an international FIATA member since 1999, while it was locally established in Egypt since 1995. 

Main office is situated in Cairo the capital of Egypt. While executive offices cover all of the Egyptian Sea & Air ports and industrial cities.  

Our staff sums up to 63 employees. This includes: 
•    Higher management & board of directors.
•    Central accounts & HR.
•    International freight forwarding staff.
•    Air & Sea Customer service staff.
•    Export & Import custom brokerage staff.
•    Sales and marketing teams.
•    Executive secretaries.
•    Delegates and office boys. 

We are the legal representative of Egypt in the leading international Freight Networks in:
•    Switzerland.
•    UK.
•    Germany.
•    Thailand.
•    Africa.

This has given us a reliable network of agents who help us offer door-to-door multi-modal services all over the globe.

Being licensed by FIATA Switzerland, IEFFA Egypt, ISO9001:2008, General custom brokerage association, Ministry of Civil aviation and others, is the fact that has given us the powerful legal position when establishing new local OR international agreements. 

Trust Freight International Ltd. also holds its OWN Export & Import licenses under which we are handling exports and imports trading activities.   

Our staff is very well experienced in all aspects related to all modes of local and international transportation and concerned local services and documentation as well. We can handle all kinds of commercial and personal traffics including export & import, Air & Sea & Land freights. 
Sea and Air consolidation is one of the services that we are well known for as we are operating our regular and steady export consols to the majority of the globe's ports, while we neutrally handle the incoming consols from different consolidators abroad, to Egypt. 
Our automated system is in continuous update and development to convoy our new activities, clients and agents' needs. This is –by turn- applied to our continuous reports to be sent automatically to all of them. 

It would be our pleasure to open our doors for any new serious co-operation and to be of your assistance here in EGYPT and may be in other countries as well...

Finally, TRUST GROUP EG has been effectively sharing in the international business and trading success and development of EGYPT since 1995. Not so long for that success it has achieved in: 
•    International freight forwarding, (Trust Freight International Ltd.). 
•    Shipping & chartering, (TRUST LINE). 
•    Express courier mailing, (TRUST COURIER EXPRESS). 
•    International trading, (TRUST TRADE). 

May be the most important reasons for that success were the good personal and business reputation acquired from local clients and authorities, in addition to the great care taken on adding new employees, agents and sub-contractors to our team and on top, was the perfect selection of our business partners. 

On the other hand, dealing in all of the above-mentioned international activities was the most effective tool, which has given collaboration power of different staffs resulting in prompt and complete satisfaction for our clients' demands. 

Our Company